Some Great Kirkland Area Links

July 11, 2006


Just click on the hyperlinks below for scads of Kirkland info. 

For my own benefit, as well as yours, I am going to list some links to my favorite Kirkland oriented places.  I may pop in a few Seattle ones as well.  I try to keep most real estate advice posts on my main site Ardell’s Seattle Area Real Estate Blog, so there are more ones of area interest.  Also check out Rain City Guide for additional writings on Seattle Area Real Estate by Ardell and others.

The Kirkland Downtown Association Site is chock full of current event info and other usefull info.

The events calendar on the City of Kirkland Official Site, fills in some blanks to the KDL one above.

The Wikipedia on Kirkland is a good overall info source, and the Wikipedia in general is a great reasource for most anything.  This link should provide a permanent link to today’s featured article on Microsoft.

If you are looking for property for sale in Kirkland, try my site for searching property for sale or this nifty site where you click on Washington and then double click on Seattle, then double click on Bellevue to find Kirkland.  These three City links will bring you to the newspapers for each area and the Kirkland link will give you access to Queen Anne and some other Seattle Neighborhoods as well.

This blog is clearly my favorite Kirkland Blog but it is getting much harder to find in the Search Engines for some reason than it was in the past.  So I’m putting a link to it here for both me and you.

We don’t have too many hotels in Kirkland, so I’ll post this link to the Woodmark and this one for short term rentals at The Villagio.  Actually more of my clients have stayed in Downtown at the Westwater just past the intersection of Lake and Central for short term needs, but I can’t find a good link to that.  So call me at 206-910-1000 if you want some info on that one or email me at


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